Poop stick

This has got to be a fake commercial. I know people invent things to encourage kids to go potty but this is just too much. Imagine the mess they would make in the bathroom trying to make shapes out of their poop. Oh my lord lol!


ToxicEyeliner said...
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kamagra oral jelly said...

I dont think this is a right invention, I mean indeed can you imagine the mess in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I use these all the time! They are super fun and make pooping a blast (no pun intended)!


-Vik Stoober

Bac Pham said...

Well as I was browsing the MS Thailand Site looking at the Ludibrium update I saw some new Cash Items... Poop on a Stick... Anyone else a little weirded out? I mean that would be creepy to see some n00b come up to you and wack you with a poop stick... London Escortsfacebook sex