Classy Bar

This must be some classy place to be. I bet they hardly ever sell beer!


New Video Ideas

So far some of the new videos ideas that came from the scrip contest video are pretty cool.

1-Parody of Clair from Heroes
2-CC giving a serious political speech
3-Morbeck directing CC in a commercial for a fake product

If you guys can leave more ideas here It would be great as well.


Super Steroids

To me this guy looks like a freak of nature. Does anyone find something like this attractive?

Poop stick

This has got to be a fake commercial. I know people invent things to encourage kids to go potty but this is just too much. Imagine the mess they would make in the bathroom trying to make shapes out of their poop. Oh my lord lol!


Thank God my youtube views are starting to pick up again. This chart shows the last 7 days activity. I hope it just keeps going up baby!

Edible or poisonous??

I found a bunch of these mushrooms today in my backyard and took pictures of them. I was wondering if they are edible. Anyone knows? There were so many of them I didn't want to throw them out but my mom was scared they were poisonous. BTW the hairy hand is mine and the other one is my mom's lol just in case you were wondering.