An acquired taste

Everyone was talking about the seafood diet, well its yesterday news. The new diet is the semen diet. This book shows all kinds of recipes you can make with semen. EWWWWWWWW


Spank that girl

I made a video today complaining about how my video views were low but I got such harsh comments that I decided to take it down. I need to stop being negative otherwise I will drive the audience away. So right after that I made a silly parody of Chris Crocker. Why not make things be fun like this picture right?

Bad video views

My youtube account was deleted by accident and just got reinstated. The problem is the views I was getting were at least 20k a day and now its about 1k a day. That makes me really pissed off because my revenue is going to be 20 times less than what it was last month. I hope that in a while it goes back to normal but right now things are looking bleak for me.


Michael Jackson backwords

What the hell is wrong with these people who tan until they look like Michael Jackson in reverse?