Divorce sucks

Parents are going through a divorce. We are all freaking out at our house. Keep your fingers crossed. I want my mother to be strong and go through with what she says she will. In the meantime im trying to stay focused and help my father with the school.


Fan Picture

A really cute picture from Delilah who wanted to send me her love. Thank you, I Love it!!

Is that Madonna?

I guess super diva Madonna doesnt always look good in pictures. And what's up with the manly arms. Lifting weights a little too much maybe?

The FBI is watching you

Beware that you have no privacy on the internet. Even the FBI knows when you are looking at porn. Well at least it's not against the law.

Animal fur extreme!

I'm not really that against of wearing animal fur but this picture would piss off PETA.

The wonders of Photoshop

I love working with photoshop and i think this picture turned out great. I wasn't the one who made but i just thought i would post it because it looks awesome to me. I know this blog is supposed to about things that are on my mind but hey I will write some more about what's going on with me at another post. :)

Kinky hot dog!

I guess there is something sexual about this picture. But i don't see it. Do you?

A photoshop picture DawndeeDALLAS did for me

DawndeeDallas from youtube photoshoped these pictures for me. And yes they are based on the actual picture of me at the bottom. I think they turned out great. What do you think?